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eXtreme StuntinG can offer you stunts and freeroam, but also an advanced race system, unique deathmatches, loads of houses and appartments, private customizeable vehicles and a bunch of commands. This together with over 25000 mapped objects, we can guarantee you will not get bored very easily. But that all aside, more importantly, which we believe is the ultimate highlight of this historical server, the CORE of it - is the amazing community it has formed after all these years of activity. We have always encouraged good behavior and positive vibes all throughout the years of our presence and we hope you will do too if you chose to become a part of us.


eXtreme StuntinG is a San Andreas Multiplayer community, founded by two friends called Jay and ColaZero in May 2011. With a stunningly good start, all the available slots were filled from day 1. As the old SA-MP versions got replaced with newer ones, the playerbase decreased, but did in no way break the community. There are still people back from 2011 that have done all in their power to keep the server and community alive who are still here to this very day. (Read More)