How to Join

Having trouble finding or logging into the server ?

How to Join eS Server!
I'm going to teach you how to join the eS Server and how to add it to your favorites!
Firstly, you need to have GTA San Andreas for the SA:MP mod to work.
If you already have GTA San Andreas, just download SA:MP 0.3e.
If you don't have GTA San Andreas you can download it from somewhere (hint: The bay..) or buy the CD (which costs less than a book) and install it.
SAMP 0.3.7 Download (Click)
Installation is pretty simple, in most cases you just click next till it's done.
However, make sure it is installed into your GTA directory(aka, the GTA Sa folder).
Once it's installed, it should be in your GTA San folder, start samp.exe (or the "San Andreas Multiplayer" shortcut on your desktop).
Done! Now you have SA:MP 0.3e on your computer!
Now open San Andreas Multiplayer and look at the tutorial below for more information about adding the eS Server into your favorites list.
1. Open San Andreas Multiplayer.
You will see the SA:MP client window.
Click on the orange 'tick' to add a new IP address into your favorites.

2. Now you must add the eS Server's IP adress into the dialog box (the box that should have popped up).
IP: or just

3. Click the 'Ok' button.
Congratulations! You have now added eXtreme StuntinG Server to your favorites list!
Now look below to see how to connect to the server.

4. First you need choose a name (Number 1), second you double click inside server's name (Number 2) and third click in connect (Number 3).
OR You could right click on the server, then click connect or just have the server highlighted and click on the green triangle on the far left.
Done! You're connected to eS Server.

Main Commands!

* /tele for a list of all teleport commands
* /cmds for eXtreme StuntinG Commands Dialogue.
* /Shop for the Weapons Shop.
* /About for important information
* /Admins to see Admins Online
* /V (name) or /VMenu to create a Vehicle.
Enjoy the eS Server and if you need help in anything, ask an Admin!
~eS Management.

Credits to @Cookie for the photos.