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Welcome to the eXtreme StuntinG Main Help, here you are going to find all the main information about the server.


1. IRC Information
1.1 Information
1.2 Rules

2. Facebook Information
2.1 Information and Link
2.2 Rules

3. Server Main Administration

4. Server General Information

5. Server Commands
5.1 Account Commands
5.2 Report Commands
5.3 Vehicle Commands
5.4 Bank Commands
5.5 Weapons Commands
5.6 Skin Commands
5.7 Cookie Commands
5.8 House Commands
5.9 Fighting Styles
5.10 Teleport Commands
5.11 Deathmatches & Team Deathmatches
5.12 Animations
5.13 Race Commands
5.14 Cop Commands
5.15 VIPs Commands
5.16 Others

6. Useful Links

7. Server Events
7.1 Happy Hour
7.2 Duels and Tournaments
7.3 Server Events
7.4 Robbing Event

1. IRC Information

1.1 Information

Port: 6667
Channel: #eS.echo   and  #eS
Fast Link: (Click Me)
More Information: (Click Me)

1.2 Rules
 1.2.1 Network Rules
  1. The following is prohibited at this network:
  * Talking about racism or nazism;
  * Discussing or spreading illegal copyrighted material such as warez, movies, music;
  * Spamming, advertising;
  * Hacking, cracking;
  * Flooding;
  * Botnets.

NOTE: Those are not eXtreme StuntinG Rules, those are FoCo Gaming Network General Rules, breaking any of these rules will lead you into getting banned by any of their operators, not by our administrators. You should think things through before committing any mistake.

2. Facebook Information

2.1 Information and Link

Click Here (Click)
to Join our Official Facebook Group!

Administrators: ColaZero, Jay, Skeenky, denNorske, Yung and Samariah

2.2 Rules

* Do not spam, flood or post useless topics or replies.
* Do not use offensive language, you must respect everyone here.
* Do not post illegal links, downloads or websites.
* Do not advertise other servers IPs (Do it and get removed + banned - Same goes to the rule above this one).
* All the made posts need the permission of an administrator, therefore don't send them any private messages asking to approve your post (Useless or illegal posts will be automatically denied and removed).
* Remember that breaking any of these rules can earn you a ban.

3. Server Main Administration

Owners (Level 10): ColaZero denNorske Jay Samariah

Management (Level 9): HeadHunter

Full List of Administrators: Click Me

4. General Information

Owners & Founders: ColaZero, denNorske, Jay, Samariah and Skeenky
Current IP Adress:Click here to join
Current HostName: ..::(eXtreme StuntinG)::.. - v5!! 0.3.7
Slots: 175
SAMP Version: 0.3.7
Game Version: 5th Version (v5)

5. Server Full Command List


5.1 Account Commands
5.2 Reporting Rulebreakers
5.3 Vehicle Commands
5.4 Bank Commands
5.5 Weapons Commands
5.5 Skin Commands
5.7 Cookies Commands
5.8 House Commands
5.9 Fighting Styles
5.10 Teleports
5.11 Deathmatchs
5.12 Animations
5.13 Race Commands
5.14 Cops Commands
5.15 Other Commands

5.1 Account Commands
/register (password) to create a new account.
* The registration funcion is save your server stats (money, kills, score, cookies etc..)

/changepass  (newpassword) to change your password.

NOTE: Don't share your account with anyone and please don't use short passwords, it can be easily hacked.

5.2 Report Commands

/report (id) (reason) to report a hacker or someone breaking the rules.
* This command is used when you suspect someone is using hacks or breaking one of our rules. Please make sure the player is doing what you've accused him of, as false reports can put you in problems with our administrators.

/getid (name) to get the hacker/rulebreaker ID.

NOTE: If you've reported in-game someone and you haven't heard any news from an administrator, please check /admins to see if any admin is actually in-game or if they're actually Away From the Keyboard. If there's no one there, you can always check IRC for an administrator, or you can of course report the player on forums once you don't get a reply.

5.3 Vehicle Commands

/v or /car (name) (color 1) (color2) to spawn a vehicle.
/cars or /vmenu to see full vehicles list dialogue.
/carcolor (color 1) (color 2 (Optional)) to change your vehicle's color.
/tune to tune and paint your vehicle.
/boost to enable/disable your speed boost.
/tflip to enable/disable flip when pressing '2'
/flip to flip your vehicle.
/lock to lock your private vehicle.
/unlock to unlock your private vehicle.
/bike to spawn a NRG-600
/buycar to buy a private vehicle. (you can own up to 6)
/mycars to open the private car options
/getcar [PRIVATE CAR ID] to get your private vehicle.
/park to park your private vehicle.
/rcar [PRIVATE CAR ID] to respawn your private vehicle.

NOTE: You can't spawn every single vehicle, some are only for VIPs. If you need help or if you need a new vehicle and you don't know the name or something else, ask an online administrator for help.

5.4 Bank Commands

/bank (ammount) to deposit some money in your bank account.
/withdraw (ammount) to take some money from your bank account.
/stats to view how much money you have or look down at the stats textdraw at the bottom of the screen.
/givemoney (id) (ammount) to give some money to a selected player.

NOTE: You can earn money by winning races (depends on what position you come in), killing inside and outside of DMs and, derbies and by winning events made by admins. Admins can also give out money to players randomly although asking an admin for money is not allowed.

5.5 Weapons Commands

/shop to open weapons dialog.

NOTE: Spawnkilling is not allowed here (If an Admin sees you doing it you'll be punished). Weapon hacks are also not allowed here. Online Admins can give weapons to everyone when they feel like it.

5.6 Skin Commands

/skin (id) to change your skin. (Costs 2 cookies)
NOTE: Your skin will automatically save when you leave and rejoin the server.

NOTE: You can also press F4 and type /kill to choose a skin or you can ask an admin to /force you.

5.7 Cookies Commands

/cookiehelp to view all cookies commands.
/givecookie (id) (amount) to give the specified amount of cookies to the selected player.
/goto (id) to teleport to a player (Costs 2 cookies)
/buycar <carname/id> to buy a private vehicle. (Costs 100 cookies)
/god to enable your god mode (You never die - Costs 2 cookies)
/skin (id) to change your skin. (Costs 2 cookies)
/saveplace to save your place. (Costs 2 cookies)
/gotoplace to go to your saved place. (Free)
/weather (id) to set your SA:MP Weather. (Costs 1 cookie)
/time (id) to set your SA:MP Time. (Costs 1 cookie)

NOTE: You can earn cookies by racing, winning events, derbies, ticketing/arresting a player (If you are a cop) and when admins give cookies randomly, although asking for them is not allowed.

5.8 House Commands

/househelp to view all houses commands.
/buy to buy a house.
/enter  to enter a house.
/housemenu to access your house menu.
/gohome to teleport to your house.

NOTE: Red property icons in map means that the house is not for sale. Green property icons in map means that the house is for sale.

5.9 Fighting Styles

/fstyles to view all available Fighting Styles.
* This command changes your skin fighting style.

5.10 Teleport Commands

* Use /tele to open teleport dialogue.

* Stunt Areas & Airports

/MC - Mount Chilliad
/SFA - San Fierro Airport
/LSB - Los Santos Beach
/LSA - Los Santos Airport
/DAM - Hoover Dam
/AA - Abandoned Airport
/LVA - Las Venturas Airport
/CWT - Curly Wurly Tubes
/SC - Sunny Circuit
/SFHP - San Fierro Halfpipe
/OR - Off Road

* Jumps and Skyroads

/aaj - Abandoned Airport's Jump
/d2j -  Death Jump 2
/dj - Death Jump
/dar -  Down and Around
/bnj - Barn Jump
/lscj - Jefferson's Jump
/jj - Jizzy Jump
/lsbj - Los Santos Beach Jump
/bwj - Backwards Jump
/grj - Grove Jump
/pj - Pipe Jump
/hj - Huge Jump
/lr - Loooong Road
/tw - Twisty Twist
/upsd - Upside Down
/fr -Free Way
/gj - Glass Jump
/iml - Impossible Loop
/cl - Crazy Loop
/lsaj - Los Santos Stunt Airport Jump
/lsaj2 - Los Santos Airport Jump 2
/doj - Double Jump
/htg - Huge Tower Jump

* Races & Drift

/or - Off Road
/dt - Dirt Track
/d1 - Drift 1
/d3 - Drift 3
/d4 - Drft 4
/d5 - Drift 5

* Base Jumps

/bsj1 - SF Highlighter
/bsj2 - LS Skyscraper
/bsj3 - Town Hall
/bsj4 - Big Pointy Building
/bsj5 - Bay Bridge
/bsj6 - The Visage
/bsj7 - Emerald Isle
/bsj8 - SF Cliff
/bsj9 - Golden Gate Bridge
/bsj10 - SF Crane
/bsj11 - SF Crane 2
/bsj12 - LV Crane

* Parkour + Other fun

/ee - Easter Egg
/buj - Building Jump
/fd - Falling down
/fd2 - Falling down 2
/fd3 - Falling down 3
/bnc - Bounce
/ep - Elite Parkour
/hp - SF Halfpipe
/world - End Of the World
/va - Vortex Arena

* Tune Garages

/t1 - Transfender
/t2 - Arch Angels
/t3 - Loco Tow

* City Teles

/sf - San Fierro
/lv - Las Venturas
/ls - Los Santos

5.11 Deathmatches & Team Deathmatches

/VWAR - Village War
/WDM - Wrecked DM
/MG - Minigun DM
/OH - One Hand
/WAR - Area 51 Battlegrounds
/DDM - Don't Get Wet

NOTE: For every kill in a DM you earn +2 score and 2000$.

5.12 Animations

/animlist to view animations list.


NOTE: To stop an animation press Space or Enter!

5.13 Race Commands

/race to join the current race.
/exitrace to exit the current race.

NOTE: You earn some money, score and cookies racing depending in what place you come in. Do not annoy in races or you will be punished by an administrator. Speed boost is automatically disabled in races. Races starts randomly, so don't ask admins to start new races unless they've been stopped for 15 minutes.

5.14 Cops Commands

/lvpd to teleport to Las Venturas Police Department.
/sfpd to teleport to San Fierro Police Department.
/lspd to teleport to Los Santos Police Department.
/copduty to turn on or off your copduty.
/wlist to see the full wanted list of crimminals.
/ticket (id) to give a player a ticket when he has level 1 wanted.
/arrest (id) to arrest a player who has more than level 2 wanted .
/df (id) to disable a player's features.
/open to open the gate.
/close to close the gate.
/e to eject a player from their vehicle.
/su (id) to suspect a player and give them an additional star.
/r  (message) to communicate with other cops on the Police Radio.
/wanted (id) to show the wanted level of a specific player.
/rwanted (id) to remove a player's wanted level by 1 star.
/cophelp to show you the list of all cop commands.

5.15 Others

/stunts to view server teleports.
/help to view server main Help.
/rules or /reglas to view server rules. (Remember to read and always follow the main rules for don't be punished)
/admins for view online Admins.
/vips to view online VIPs.
/cops to view online Cops.
/pm (id) (message) to send a Private Message to a selected player.
/re (message) to answer your last PM.
/jetpack to spawn a Jetpack.
/wanted to see the wanted level of the selected player.
/stats to see the stats of the selected player.
/dstats to hide your stats from being seen ingame.
/hideinfo to hide the textdraws.
/showinfo to show the textdraws.

6. Useful Links

Forum FAQ ( Click )

Server FAQ ( Click )

Full Admin List ( Click )

How to Join eS Server (Click)

VIP Application Information (Click)

Ban Appeal Rules (Click )

7. Server Events

7.1 Happy Hour

Happy Hour is an event that can be run by any Level 4+ Admin in game.
The online administrator announces a certain area where the event will be placed (mostly it takes place at spawnpoints: /lsa, /lva, /sfa, /lv or /aa) and the administrator gives everyone weapons, free health and armour, cookies, cash and other things.
There's no time and no place to happen this kind of event, it is sort of random, but it is entertaining though.

7.2 Duel Events and Tournaments

Duel Events can be either simple duels in game which can be started by any Level 3+ Admin (by using the /duel command); or they can be tournaments that can be created and organized by Level 5+ Admins.
The tournaments have a specific date to happen, specific places, prizes and weapons, nonetheless, you can find all these information in the information topic which will be posted by the administrator who is running the event, and those who want to participate make applications to join it.

7.3 Server Events

These events can be randomly started by Level 7+ Admins in game.

Grenade DM
Rocket Launcher DM
Molotov DM
Derby Event
Rhino Derby Event
Monster Derby Event
Gang War

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask an administrator or even one of our VIPs.